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Here at EZNP our mission is to support your goals. Our product is offered as a service to the non-profit community, with a small fee charged to offset expenses. We offer a sliding fee structure based on your annual revenues.
Note that the minimum charge is $20 and maximum $60 per month. Between revenues of $20,000 and $200,000 the costs are prorated. This is so that a revenue difference of a few dollars doesn't cause a jump in your monthly charges. Contact us for your custom price quote.
Basic Data Conversion   Using EZNP standard tools

Training Tutorial Step by Step Documentation: click "help"

Basic Customization Using EZNP standard tools

Financial Reporting Income Statements, Form990; Reconciliation

Quick Queries Answer all sorts of questions

Analytic Reporting Understand your business better

Email Including individualized reports

Postal Mail; Bulk mail Including individualized reports

Invoicing By email or mail

Program Registration Online payment under construction

Ticketing Online and offline order and payment

Client Management Who, where, how long, which programs, etc.

Donor Management Who, when, how much, campaign, etc.

List Management Clean lists; Flexible sub-lists

Error Prevention Lots of built in safeguards
Online Payment System   10% surcharge (plus EFT * costs)

Complex Data Conversion Two hours of work will be done free; after that there is an hourly charge.

Customization Beyond EZNP built ins
*EFT means Electronic Funds Transfer. Those charges go to our payment provider, Stripe, and not to EZNP.